About Yoga Supplies

Reading can enhance a person’s connotation, Travel can enrich one’s experience. While yoga can enrich your entire life. Yoga is the spirit that connects the mind, body, and soul. Long-term practicing yoga can cultivate the body, improve sleeping quality, increase your energy, and strengthen immunity. Appropriate yoga supplies can help practicers do much better and stay safe at all times.

The yoga mat is one of the most important yoga supplies props. A good yoga mat is not only the soul mate of practicer but also a good teacher and helpful friend on the path of spiritual practice. Sunbear is one of the leading suppliers of yoga mats in China. Our mats are specially designed to provide a good grip, the yoga mats are made of 100% environmentally friendly materials, latex-free. It is biodegradable and will not cause any burden to the earth.

The types of yoga mats we can provide:

❤ TPE yoga mat

❤ Cork TPE yoga mat

❤ Cork rubber yoga mat

❤ Microfiber Suede natural rubber yoga mat

❤ PU Rubber yoga mat

Yoga block/stretch band/yoga wheel

Other Yoga supplies such as yoga block (i.e EVA yoga block, Cork Yoga block), stretch band, yoga wheel are great tools for yoga beginners. Yoga block normally can help beginners to achieve advanced yoga postures. While the yoga wheel is good for back training and stretch. with poor flexibility to help them adjust postures and assist the body to achieve some movements.

It has been proved that appropriate yoga supplies are very important for yoga practice. Check our list and shop for your own yoga supplies right now!

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3D massage yoga wheel, provding by Sunbear Sport

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