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3D massage yoga wheel, provding by Sunbear Sport

October is all about practicing yoga and making your daily life healthier, happier, and more productive. Check out our products by browse through our entire collection of fitness equipment to kick start your fitness routine today and create a more balanced lifestyle. Here’s a look at some of our favorite home fitness equipment for you to choose from. Carry all essentials fitness equipment with you, including Yoga Block, Yoga Wheel, Resistance Bands, Yoga Mat, and more.

Sunbear Sport New TPE rubber ygoa mat, nonslip exercise pilates mat
Yoga Practicing on the laser engrave tpe yoga mat

Yoga blocks can help you maintain the right shape during your workout and can even help you achieve more difficult postures. During practice, you will see how yoga blocks help to perfect exercises such as sitting and standing posture, support hips and hips in wide-angle, and avoid injuries by encouraging movement. They can also help keep your body in the right shape and keep you in the right position to achieve your fitness goals and keep you on track and in good shape during training.

Yoga blocks made of dense cork offer good stability and are not as hard as wood, but they are absolutely guaranteed blocks for smooth movements that exercise weights. The material, consisting of 2 yoga blocks, is made of a high-quality polyurethane foam, which provides a firm stiffness.

Sunbear Sport Yoga Wheel Show (1)

If you want to add a funny twist to your yoga practice, resistance tubes are a really convenient and manageable option. Fortunately, yoga is no exception, and you can incorporate it into almost any workout for an extra challenge.

According to the National Institute of Fitness and Sport, resistance bands provide additional tension and resistance for each movement in training. Exercises with a larger range of motion help to reduce the risk of injury, and exercises with them tend to be more effective than using free weights or other weight machines.

detail of White Leopard Print Booty Bands Hip Circle Provided by Sunbear Sport

Yoga Mat providing great cushion and anti-slip during your yoga practice, yoga blocks help you keep good shape practicing. While yoga wheel is the best tool for back training and massage. Resistance bands are ideal for lower body training. These are the tools you need to fitness at home.

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