Great Workout Tool: Massage Therapy Ball

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What's massage therapy ball?

Massage therapy ball is also known as fascia ball or trigger pint ball, a simple but effective fitness equipment for body massaging and relief.

Why massage therapy ball is important during workout?

Fascia is everywhere in the human body, the whole bones, muscles are wrapped in the fascia. If body is a small universe, then fascia is the Internet with its own intelligence.

Fascia in our body. Why massage therapy ball is important
Fascia in our body. Why massage therapy ball is important 2

When we exercise, our muscles contract with force and the muscle fibers are stretched, which may produce a slight inflammation. This inflammation can cause us to have muscle soreness the next day, especially if we haven’t exercised for a long time or do unfamiliar movements. There are many gaps between our muscle tissue (as picture), just like a sponge cake.

These gaps provide space for body fluids to bring nutrients to the muscles while taking away metabolic waste. When these gaps become smaller, muscle recovery will be slower, and the muscles will not recover easily from the inflammatory state at this time, and the soreness will last longer. When the fascial relaxation ball is pressed on the muscle, just like we are pressing a sponge cake, the muscle gaps will become larger after pressing and then relaxing.

fascia in our body

This gives us more space to bring in recovery nutrients, while taking away inflammation and metabolic products from exercise, helping us recover faster.

Before exercise, the massage therapy ball can help to relax tight muscles and make your body move much easier, avoid injure.

After exercise, the massage ball can reduce muscle soreness and fascia relaxation. 

How to use a massage therapy ball?

Massage ball is mainly simulated human elbow, small contact area with larger trigger point pressure. It is suitable for use in smaller muscle groups relaxation, take use of body pressure, rolling back and forth to achieve the effect of massage and relaxation of tight muscles. 

Below, we will introduce a few simple methods to use the massage ball.

Fitness equipment: peanut ball / Single ball
Training parts: suboccipital muscle group
Requirements: relax the whole body, so that the fascial ball in the cervical spine and skull base interface.
Training effect: improve the mobility of the cervical spine, improve the headache caused by fascial tension, improve the vision loss caused by fascial tension, improve the blood circulation in the head, and improve insomnia caused by fascial tension

relax suboccipital muscle group with a massage ball
Improves thoracic spine mobility and breathing. with a massage ball

Fitness equipment: peanut ball 
Training parts: Superior rhomboid muscle, superior trapezius bundle
Requirements: The fascial ball is placed at the first and second thoracic vertebrae and the pressure can be increased by lifting the head.
Training effect: Improves thoracic spine mobility and breathing.

Fitness equipment:  Single ball
Training parts: Pectoralis minor muscle
Requirements: Moderate pressure rolling, stop when there is a slight pain, hold for 30s on each side.
Training effect: Improves breathing, improves rounded shoulders and hunchback caused by incorrect posture, and improves flexibility of shoulder girdle.

single massage ball for Pectoralis minor muscle
Thoracolumbar fascia relief with massage ball

Fitness equipment:  Peanut ball
Training parts: Thoracolumbar fascia
Requirements: Place moderate pressure on the muscles on both sides of the spine, stop when there is a slight pain, and hold for more than 30s
Training effect: Improves lumbar curvature, improves lumbar myofascial shortening due to prolonged incorrect posture, and balances body fascia tension.

Fitness equipment:  peanut ball
Training parts: Gluteus maximus.
Requirements: Place the massage ball at the gluteus maximus and apply natural pressure with your body weight.
Training effect: Relaxing the gluteus maximus.

relax Gluteus maximus with a silicone massage ball
Gluteus medius muscle body relief with massage ball

Fitness equipment:  Single ball
Training parts: Gluteus medius muscle
Requirements: Place the massage ball over the femur and roll it with natural body weight.
Training effect: Improves anterior pelvic tilt and hip stability.

Fitness equipment: single ball
Training parts: Plantar fascia
Requirements: Moderate pressure on rolling the ball.
Training effect: Improves the elasticity of the plantar fascia to prevent and relieve plantar fasciitis.

foot massage ball

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