Exercise Resistance Loop Bands 5-pieces Set

5-piece pull up bands with different colors and tension choice, one set fits all demands solution.

Portable everywhere, get fitness during office break.

Small quantity OEM is highly welcome.




500 x 50mm, 600 x 50mm


below 0.5kg


High Quality Exercise Resistance Loop Bands 5-pieces Set OEM

Do resistance bands actually work?  You may doubt the question.

But the answer is yes!

When you incorporate these bands during your yoga practice, it helps to build upper and lower body strength and back strength, and help to grow your muscles and tone them at the same time. Toning your muscles is not only a simple process of losing body fat but also good for rehab and recovery.

Exercise Resistance Loop Bands Details:

Materialnatural latex
Size, color & weight600*50*0.35mm, green color, 5-10lbs
600*50*0.5mm, blue color, 10-15lbs
600*50*0.7mm, yellow color, 15-20lbs
600*50*0.9mm, red color, 20-30lbs
600*50*1.1mm, black color, 30-40lbs500*50*0.35mm, green color, 5-10lbs
500*50*0.5mm, blue color, 10-15lbs
500*50*0.7mm, yellow color, 15-20lbs
500*50*0.9mm, red color, 20-30lbs
500*50*1.1mm, black color, 30-40lbs
Logoprinting, white color only
Samplefree sample is ok to provide upon requests.
Customizablelogo, package, bundle set.
Quality Controlpre-production inspection and pre-shipment inspection, picture/video provided.


Exercise Resistance Loop Bands Features:

  1. Five different resistance levels and colors, for each exercise you can choose 1 of the 5 color exercise fitness bands for different stretch levels. There are extra light, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy.
  2. Premium quality and durable, the resistance loop bands are made of 100% nature latex, non-toxic and odor-free, the fitness bands can guarantee a great elastic response as well as high resilience.
  3. Widely application: gym fitness equipment, home workout, outdoor exercise, office break, yoga, Pilates, bodybuilding, weight loss, strength training, pull-up assisted, powerlifting, squats, postpartum recovery, injury rehabilitation, physical therapy, etc.
  4. One set fits all-purpose and different people.


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