Flexible Yoga Stretching Belt Band With Yoga Posture

Yoga Stretching Belt 8 loops elastic bands, flexible yoga stretching belt with posture guide printed.

Small quantity OEM is welcome.


Cotton, Latex




below 0.5kg


High Quality Flexible Yoga Stretching Belt Band With Yoga Posture OEM

Yoga Stretching Belt Details:

Materialelastic latex + cotton
Size4*90cm. Elastic flexible bands, the size maybe a little different.
Loops8 loops with different correct yoga posture printed.
DesignPrinting with different yoga postures
Customizablesize, logo, package, bundle set.
Quality Controlpre-production inspection and pre-shipment inspection, picture/video provided.

Yoga Stretching Belt Features:

  1. The yoga belt can help you to correct shrug, arched back, and bent spine.
  2. The stretching strap is a great tool, helps you improve body flexibility
  3. Good for coordination and balance development and endurance training.
  4. Help train your muscles effectively.
  5. Good elasticity, long service life, for daily training use.
  6. Stretching strap with the guiding postures printed on the strap directly, It’s like having your own stretching coach doing all the work for you. No need to use another device at the same time.
  7. Customization:  personalized label logo or printing logo on the product directly, 100pcs MOQ, can be mixed colors.
  8. Inventory stock is available so that we can ship goods very quickly.
  9. Videos and pictures can send for goods inspection before the order shipped.

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