Round large 1.4 meters Rubber Meditation mat

Luxury Printing rubber mat for meditation, pray, and home decorative. Machine washable


Microfiber Suede, Natural Rubber


140 x 140cm


3mm, 4mm, 5mm


within 2kg~4kg


High Quality Round large 1.4 meters Rubber Meditation mat OEM

round large rubber meditation mat Details:

MaterialEco-friendly microfiber suede, natural rubber
Size140x140cm, 70x70cm, or customized
Thickness1.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Designfull mat printing, high-resolution jpg is ok.
Customizablesize, logo, package, bundle set.
Quality Controlpre-production inspection and pre-shipment inspection, picture/video provided.


    1. Premium quality material: natural rubber base + microfiber suede top layer
      – 100% natural rubber with high-end suede microfiber top layer make our yoga mats Eco friendly, no smell, biodegradable, recyclable. Non-toxic, free of phthalates. Besides, what the printing use is water-based ink. No fade color, pass colorfastness test.
    2. Unique design
      – Custom printing neat patterns stand out in your gym yoga class. Your mats can be beautiful as well as functional!
      All designs available, all colors available.
    3. Non-slip with a strong ground grip
      – Tired of slipping during your sweaty practice?
      Our non-slip yoga mat towel combo grips to the floor better the more you sweat! Not too thick to provide top stability, not too thin to compromise soft cushion. You will feel more comfortable with your poses.
    4. Quick delivery
      7-10 days generally, also can help with the shipping service.
    5. Wide usage
      – Suitable for women, men, or kids, for beginners or professionals. Ideal for all types of Yoga – Anusara, Ashtanga, Hatha, Prana, Iyengar, Kundalini, Vinyasa. Perfect as Hot yoga mat (Bikram yoga mat), as well as Pilates mat.
    6.  Machine washable
      – It can be washed by machine, easy to be cleaned.
      – Hang to Dry. (DO NOT PUT IN DRYER)

round large rubber meditation mat

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