Why Use Cork Yoga Block

Cork Yoga Block is an excellent choice for people who don’t feel flexible enough to perform some basic yoga poses. These cork yoga blocks can also be utilized as a supplement to some basic poses to stretch the muscles. Great pliable and comfortable, these blocks offer excellent grip and traction to all types of poses. Made of a thick, soft cork, these blocks are extremely absorbent and are a good alternative to blocks made of harder rubber. Most beginners to yoga can use these blocks without any problems.

The block of cork material used for making these blocks makes them ideal to use in every pose. They are extremely absorbent and provide excellent traction and hold. Unlike other blocks, these are very comfortable and easy to handle. As the yoga mat gets wet, these cork mats can be easily cleaned by simply wiping it with a piece of cloth or towel.

Using a yoga mat with cork yoga bricks not only provides flexibility to the body but also helps to retain the proper alignment of the body as you exercise. Using a flat yoga mat for stretching can cause severe muscle imbalances. This is because the flat yoga mat is too hard for the body to comfortably roll on. On the other hand, the cork yoga mat is soft and allows the body to properly move as the muscles contract.

A yoga mat made of cork is also an ideal alternative for practicing asana. This is because the mat does not get slippery when it becomes wet. In addition, the smooth surface of the cork yoga mat allows the practitioner to smoothly glide on the floor. It is also more resistant to wear than flat yoga mats. The cork material also absorbs sound, which allows for a peaceful yoga session.

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