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Great Workout Tool: Massage Therapy Ball

What’s massage therapy ball? Massage therapy ball is also known as fascia ball or trigger pint ball, a simple but effective fitness equipment for body massaging and relief. Why massage therapy ball is important during workout? Fascia is everywhere in the human body, the whole bones, muscles are wrapped in the fascia. If body is a small universe, then fascia is the Internet with its own intelligence. When we exercise, our muscles contract with force and the muscle fibers are stretched, which may produce a slight inflammation. This inflammation can cause us to have muscle soreness the next day, especially if we haven’t exercised for a long time or do unfamiliar movements. There are many gaps between our muscle tissue (as picture), just like a sponge cake. These gaps provide space for body fluids to bring nutrients to the muscles while taking away metabolic waste. When these gaps become smaller, muscle recovery will be slower, and the muscles will not recover easily from the inflammatory state at this time, and the soreness will last longer. When the fascial relaxation ball is pressed on the muscle, just like we are pressing a sponge cake, the muscle gaps will become larger after

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Advantages of TPE Yoga Mat

Advantages of TPE yoga mat. TPE, also known as thermoplastic elastomer by yoga mat engineers and other fancy science types, is quite a fascinating material and it is changing the face of the yoga industry.Yoga mats made of TPE material mainly have the characteristics of good elasticity, good anti-slip effect, good toughness and strong tension. A TPE yoga mat offers more benefits than any other material without any of the environment or experience damaging drawbacks. Eco-friendly and biodegradable TPE itself is a biodegradable material, which made the TPE yoga mats can be recrcled and repurposed into new TPE products. It is definitely no harm to the earth. A unique sustainable yoga mat that contributs to our planet. Also TPE yoga mat is no smell, no odor, pvc free, it’s good to human being too. Ultra Lightweight One of the TPE yoga mat features is ultra lightweight, it is less than 1kg including yoga carrying strap, makes it is easliy for you to carry your yoga mat around to the beaches or yoga studio. Non-slip texture As a yoga mat, the most important features must be ground grip. When you are in the midddle of a great yoga flow you mustn’t

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Why Use Cork Yoga Block

Cork Yoga Block is an excellent choice for people who don’t feel flexible enough to perform some basic yoga poses. These cork yoga blocks can also be utilized as a supplement to some basic poses to stretch the muscles. Great pliable and comfortable, these blocks offer excellent grip and traction to all types of poses. Made of a thick, soft cork, these blocks are extremely absorbent and are a good alternative to blocks made of harder rubber. Most beginners to yoga can use these blocks without any problems. The block of cork material used for making these blocks makes them ideal to use in every pose. They are extremely absorbent and provide excellent traction and hold. Unlike other blocks, these are very comfortable and easy to handle. As the yoga mat gets wet, these cork mats can be easily cleaned by simply wiping it with a piece of cloth or towel. Using a yoga mat with cork yoga bricks not only provides flexibility to the body but also helps to retain the proper alignment of the body as you exercise. Using a flat yoga mat for stretching can cause severe muscle imbalances. This is because the flat yoga mat is too

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Reasons to Use Foam Yoga Block

A Few Reasons to Use a Foam Yoga BlockThe Perfect Foam Yoga Block for Your Practice. Believe it or not, practicing yoga requires just as much effort and consideration as shopping for a new mat, so shopping for foam yoga blocks should also have as much attention. By letting you change poses during a class or in-home practice, they may well broaden your yoga options beyond simply traditional yoga positions. foam yoga blockThere are a lot of benefits to practicing yoga that you will not get from simply doing your mat exercises. Some of them are simply related to how you are feeling when you perform the poses. When you feel good, you are more likely to perform at your best. That is why it’s so important to get your yoga exercise routines set up and perfected before you even begin your practice. In addition to providing a good cushion, foam yoga blocks are also extremely lightweight. This means that you can wear them almost anywhere you feel the need to do so, and you won’t have to worry about the block falling out of place when you take a seat or stand. You also won’t have to worry about

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Why Do Resistance Bands Work?

Many women love their resistance booty bands, whether they’re wearing them under their clothes or on their hips, booty resistance bands But many other women do not use them for their intended purpose. I have heard from women who have never worn them, but want to know why they would want to wear them at all! Resistance bands can feel a bit retro, but there’s a reason they are so popular.booty bands booty bands Every movement in this exercise is done with or without resistance bands, so if you do not have one, don’t worry. But by attaching that resistance band to your waistband, you will fatigue your abdominals much faster, target the upper thighs, and boost up and over your hip flexors. You will also burn calories, tone your stomach, and strengthen your core and lower body. And, because your legs are now being worked out, you can also get a great workout in your buttocks, thighs, arms, and abs. For the best results when using a booty band, do some warm-up exercises first. The warm-up should be done before you put the bands on and before you start working out your core and lower body muscles. Doing your warm-up ensures that you have the best

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Rubber Yoga Mats – Save Money Buying A Good Quality One

It is important to purchase a quality, high-quality rubber yoga mat when you purchase any type of yoga equipment or yoga clothing. If you are looking for a way to create an environment that is relaxing, stress-free, and promotes overall physical fitness then you can definitely do this with the use of a yoga mat. Yoga mats are great at absorbing the impact and moisture from your workout and allowing your muscles to become fully stretched. Natural rubber yoga mats Natural rubber mats are made in the rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia where the natural rubber trees are harvested and the sap extracted. Natural rubber mats are typically used in hospitals because they are durable, safe, and absorbent. Natural rubber Yoga Mats is especially popular in the western world where people are becoming more health-conscious. Rubber Yoga Mat is usually used in studios, gyms, and other places that have people practicing yoga. It’s great for hot yoga practice. The natural rubber yoga mat is a great investment if you plan on doing a lot of yoga or if you are just starting out. These mats are not cheap but the benefits far outweigh the cost of them. Natural rubber Yoga Mats is a great

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3D massage yoga wheel, provding by Sunbear Sport

Home Fitness Equipment, Yoga Mat, Yoga Wheel, Resistance bands

October is all about practicing yoga and making your daily life healthier, happier, and more productive. Check out our products by browse through our entire collection of fitness equipment to kick start your fitness routine today and create a more balanced lifestyle. Here’s a look at some of our favorite home fitness equipment for you to choose from. Carry all essentials fitness equipment with you, including Yoga Block, Yoga Wheel, Resistance Bands, Yoga Mat, and more. Yoga blocks can help you maintain the right shape during your workout and can even help you achieve more difficult postures. During practice, you will see how yoga blocks help to perfect exercises such as sitting and standing posture, support hips and hips in wide-angle, and avoid injuries by encouraging movement. They can also help keep your body in the right shape and keep you in the right position to achieve your fitness goals and keep you on track and in good shape during training. Yoga blocks made of dense cork offer good stability and are not as hard as wood, but they are absolutely guaranteed blocks for smooth movements that exercise weights. The material, consisting of 2 yoga blocks, is made of a

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Top 5 Advantage of Natural Cork Products

You may already realized that among all kinds of fitness equipments, cork products are quite stand out and enjoying a increasing demand steadily for years, especially in this summer. Why is cork so popular? What’s the advantage of cork products? Here’s 5 most featured advantage of cork produc? 1. Biodegradable material, renewable resources. Cork is the phellem layer of bark tissue primarily from Quercus suber ( the cork oak), The cork is traditionally stripped from the trunks every nine years. so it is generally considered a sustainable, renewable resource, because we don’t have to cut down to obtain cork, the tree continues to live and grow. Also, the cork is a biodegradable material, which can be recycled and reused, kind to our earth. The sustainability of production and the easy recycling of cork products are two of its most distinctive aspects. 2. Stable structure, strong elasticity. Due to cork’s stable structure and strong elasticity property, the cork products are high resilience, can adapt to different pressures, and not easily deformed. 3. Water-proof, sweat-proof, moisture-proof. Cork is an impermeable material, which can prevent the penetration of liquids and other substances, waterproof, sweat-proof, moisture-proof, and wear-resistant. Its near-impermeability makes it suitable as

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